Visit Bangkok For Your Vacation Trip

It is difficult for someone not to love Thailand, Bangkok. Especially if you can have cheap business flights tickets. The variety of landscapes, the magnificent temples that give it shine, the wild and overwhelming nature, the curiosities of its culture and its cults, the food, of the spiciest in the world and tasty until it bounces your senses; the sympathy of ordinary people … Just a trick to not make you bitter holidays:

  1. Use public transport

The taxi drivers and drivers of ‘tuk tuk’ tend to spin around and take you to destinations you do not want to go to, because when you stop in shops and private travel agencies, you earn a commission, and also have cronies who assure you that main monuments are closed and others advise you to desmano quite devoid of interest. You can avoid it.

Simply move around Bangkok with the BTS Skytrain and the MRT, which covers all your cardinal points at full speed. And if not, the public buses already arrive, as well as the boats that cross the Chao Praya River stopping at many jetties. Remember to give the seat to the Buddhist monks, out of respect.

  1. Prepare yourself psychologically for main temples

They are overwhelming. Really. Starting with the area of Koh Rattanakosin , where you will see the most amazing and brilliant temple you can imagine. In particular, the Wat Pho or Wat Phra Chetuphon , contains a number of golden buildings and stupas where not even a mosaic stone is missing.

You will see statues of Buddhas, statuettes nestled in very decorative little gardens, giant statues of protective beings with evil faces, a striking hall with a golden altar and a Buddha until you are blind, but not enough not to appreciate the murals on the walls.

Superlative, almost as much as the Reclining Buddha, which measures 46 meters long and 15 meters high, not to mention the mother-of-pearl feet. Passing a small flea market, you arrive at the pier of Tha Tien, where another divine temple jumps into your eyes on the other side of the river. In 1 minute by boat, you are at the door of Wat Arun , in honor of the god of the Indian dawn, Aruna .

  1. Dedicate time to the Grand Palace

Attention: the ticket is only taken inside the walled enclosure of the Grand Palace, whose Wat Phra Kaew is truly spectacular. You will not be able to count the number of pavilions, towers, stupas or corridors with paintings in perfect condition.

The brightness of the gold and the color of the stones that decorate each lintel and corner of the buildings glisten under the sun, but also inside the temple in which the Emerald Buddha is kept. You can spend half an hour admiring the beauty of its altar and its sculptures, sculpted with filigrees so fine that they are preserved in urns.

  1. Do not discard the rare palaces and temples

Thais say that the Marble Temple is the most original, but the only difference is that it is built in marble. It is beautiful, anyway, with its Buddha figures found in different parts of Asia and its main altar. They also recommend the Ratchanatdaram temple and its Loha Prasat in the middle.

It is very different from the other temples and seems more like an Austrian castle, just opposite the Pharakan fortress. Another different visit is the Vimanmek , a mansion that at the time was a real residence, with all its gardens with laguitos, halls of the queens, princesses, sisters of the king, daughters, etc.

  1. Explore also the Hindu temples

In Silom, the temple of Sri Maja Mariamman was built in 1879 by the Hindus. It is a neighborhood temple, where only the natives go to make their offerings of bananas that they sell at the door to the figures of their Buddhas, they hang flowers to them, they pray to them and they touch the tunics with delicacy and rapture.

And the most curious thing is that in many stores they sell cubes (garbage type) full of articles such as soap, toothpaste, cans of preserves, juices, coffee, condensed milk, cotton buds, etc., for their dead, in case They need to clean the wax from their ears in the other world, according to the merchants.

  1. Watch where you get the massages

Whenever you visit Bangkok almost every neighbor massages wherever you step. But of course, you cannot demand from anyone who charges a euro the quality of a € 20 massage. Try to find a decent spa, in a closed area, with private cabins and well decorated, that do not serve 20 tourists at a time as if they were cattle. For € 6 you can get a good ‘thai massage’, which is dry, with stretching and much emphasis on each corner of the muscles.

  1. Do not miss the views of Bangkok from the heights

For the day, the Península Hotel, and at sunset, the bar on the 87th floor of the Sofitel Silom Hotel, offer a sensational panorama. Another option is Sukhumvit, the avenue of the skyscrapers of the hotels. In contrast, you will see the houses and stalls of the ordinary Thais – as well as the Arabs who took this neighborhood as their private preserve – and, suddenly, you find yourself surrounded by rolls of kebab and puff pastries.

In the area, a very curious bar is the Cheap Charlie, in a corner of an alley: decorated with all the objects that a pirate could bring as a reminder of his travels around the globe. And, with its social wave, the Cabbage and Condoms, a restaurant with a beautiful and romantic garden that allocates its benefits to disadvantaged groups.

  1. Stick to Thais for street food

Food stalls are the tonic on any street in the city. Do not be afraid, but be careful. As a rule, limit yourself to posts where there are Thais and ask how spicy the food is, because your tolerance is not that of the average European.

From there, in markets such as Na Phra Lan, at the exit of the Grand Palace, you will find all kinds of food: crab skewers, prawns, meats and fruits; soups of noodles, exquisite pad thais, duck and roast chicken, whole fried fish, insects and sweetmeats in mansalva.

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