Get Cheap Flights to Any Destination

Flying cheap today is possible, it’s easy even, but you have to organize yourself. The marriage between the internet and low-cost companies has allowed everyone – or almost everyone: poverty exists right here, just around the corner – we can today allow a trip by plane.

But you have to organize. You have to search, search, be attentive and not buy at any time. Here we review ten tricks to get the cheapest flights every weekend.

Compare and contrast:

If you are looking for weekend trips, the first thing you have to do is search and compare prices, schedules and airlines that operate the trip and then encourage you to book. Do not rush buying the first thing you see.

Keep in mind the time of the reservation:

Consider that the price of the weekend offers depends on the time at which they are booked. The months of January, February and November are usually the cheapest months to travel. On the other hand, July and August are usually the most expensive. Also, if you want to escape to any European city, it is best to book your flight at least seven weeks in advance, since airline tickets are usually up to 9.7% cheaper.

Consider the timetables:

Finding the cheapest airline tickets for your weekend trips will also depend on the time you want to fly. Thus, airline tickets are more expensive on Fridays after lunch time and on Sunday afternoons. Consider advancing or slightly delaying your trip to get a good price.

Avoid the periods of greatest demand:

If for you the price is the most important, forget about planning weekend getaways in times of high demand such as Christmas, Easter and bridges. You should also consider that airline tickets are usually more expensive in the months of July and August.

Find flights “anywhere”:

Having flexibility is another of the tricks to find weekend deals that do not do much damage to your pocket. If you know what dates you want to travel, why not leave a little room for improvisation?

Enter the departure city, but leave the destination field blank or type “any place.”

Be flexible with dates Unlike the previous trick, you can get your cheap weekend if you are flexible on dates. Indicate the place of departure and the place of destination, but on dates select “full month” and the month in which you want to travel.

Check if booking round trip flights separately is cheaper:

That round trip tickets are always cheaper is no longer true. With the rise of low-cost airlines tickets, the market changed radically and you should take it into account. If you do not find the weekend offers you’re looking for, you might consider taking a look at the price of two separate itineraries. Investigate and compare to see if you can save a few euros this way.

Choose your means of payment well Whether:

A weekend offer is or not also depends on the way you are going to pay for your plane tickets. Some airlines and travel agencies charge an additional amount to the cost of the ticket depending on the payment method that you are going to use. So, compare before paying what is what interests you. Also consider that there are certain airlines that use points or miles programs and their own credit cards that could be of great help (and savings) if you plan to travel frequently.

Sign up for airline mail bulletins:

Another way to find weekend trips at a good price is to subscribe to airline newsletters or newsletters. Now many airlines advise of promotions or new air routes in this way and it is a way to get cheaper flights.

Travel light Another way to reduce costs on airline tickets for your weekend getaways is to take the less luggage possible. Most companies currently charge for billing checked bags, so do not burden yourself with much on your getaway and save on back pain and money.

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